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This Girl Cooks

This Girl Cooks is the cooking blog of domestic diva Katherine Huether, a writer by day and a culinary curioso by…any time of the day. It’s her blog-space to experiment and explore, and share her journey to better cooking; and better eating.

This Girl Cooks – Why You Should Go

This is a great time of year to start exploring a cooking blog, for a number of reasons. First, like Katherine, many people are using the spirit of the New Year to form better eating habits, or meet a health and lifestyle goal. Second, it’s a time when we’re coming off of a season of food favorites, and comfort-foods tend to be all the rage. And third, it’s always a good time for great food and exploring new ingredients and recipes.

One of the best things about Katherine’s blog is that it’s focus is on the enjoyment of food, while capturing the peripheral benefits. Yes, she does keep a food journal, but not for the express sake of dieting, and yes, attention to good food does lend itself to better eating overall, but Katherine never loses sight of the sheer joy of cooking and eating great fare.

Summing Up This Girl Cooks

Whatever your motivation, you’ll enjoy your time spent with Katherine, her great tips and recipes. This girl can not only cook, she can show you that enjoyment of food does not have to be pretentious or trying, it can be just plain satisfying.

Go here to check out This Girl Cooks.

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