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CreditMom is your average mother of three boys making the best of life, love, and personal finance. Her blog revolves more around topics relating to personal finance than it does specifically on credit, while interweaving all of her life’s roles.

CreditMom – Why You Should Go

CreditMom has many posts of interest to people interested in learning more about personal finance and the regular topics relative to that like credit cards and the economics of personal finance. What really makes her blog stand out, though, is her dedication to children’s financial literacy and responsibility and other topics of import such as child ID theft, internet safety, kids and concerns over the economy, and kids and money. Her blog offers an array of posts on these and other subjects, making it a concentrated resource for parents dealing with how to raise their children as responsible, independent adults.

Summing Up CreditMom

CreditMom’s blog is of high interest for the conversation and discussion. Adding to that is her real-world, tried and true experiences with raising financially educated children. CreditMom is showing her readers that it’s never too early to think about and teach kids about money and finance, and she’s leading the way by example.

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Save More, Live Better, Thrifty Mommy

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Thrifty Mommy

What could you do if you could free up some of your hard-earned cash? Invest? Plan for a bigger and better financial future? Do more of what you want while living contently with less? Travel? Pursue a higher education?

Of course there are innumerable things that we could do with more money. We could pay down debt or just live with less financial stress. The possibilities are truly endless. But in an economy such as that which many of us are living in, coming by a higher income is pretty tough these days. So the possibility of increasing the quality of life can look bleak.

Now enter Thrifty Mommy. Here is a blog, written and edited by two frugal gals, Kelly Saunders and Karen W, whose purpose is to help you live better without breaking the bank. Because as many of already know, there is a lot of waste and clutter going on, and the good deals are out there for those who know how to find them.

Thrifty Mommy – Why You Should Go

The problem is many of us don’t know where to find them. And we lack the patience to even look. For the best thrifty livers this kind of budgetary boost is a whole lifestyle; and it’s not all about saving money, it’s also about living better with less financial stress, and less ‘stuff’ cluttering up our lives. And of course it’s also about buying better and spending less.

Both Kelly and Karen will readily admit to this—the one enjoys her thrifty living because it gives her a thrill to beat the big-guys at their own economic game; the other thrives on being thrifty to support her most favored habits like eating out. Whatever their personal motivation is, these two thrifty Moms offer up lots of great ideas for getting the quality (and just the right amount of quantity) in your life that you want, while saving money for bigger and better things (at a discount, of course). They make the pain that many of us associate with frugality a pleasure and a challenge to embrace, paving the way for more.

Summing Up Thrifty Mommy

As you can see there many motivations that compel people to a thrifty lifestyle. Some come out of necessity and some come out of pure defiance for high prices and over-costed living. Here are two girls that can help in any case. Visit Thrifty Mommy and find out how to finance your lifestyle and fun!

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Managing Personal Finance

Managing Personal Finance is an easily understood blog about, not surprisingly, topics of personal finance. It is a resource for the average person through which can be gained a better understanding of many topics important to personal financial management.

Absent of an ‘About’ page, it is not entirely clear who the actual ‘owner’ of the blog is, although contact information for ‘Devray1‘ is given. This is of little consequence as the posts appear thoughtful, informed, and well thought-out, but nevertheless, if you like to get to know your author first, you might be minorly frustrated. On the other hand, this lack of pre-information lets you focus more on the content and allows you to take it for its international appeal without any predetermined opinions.

Managing Personal Finance – Why You Should Go

Personal finance is a topic many individuals and homes deal with. Many of us come into life unprepared for the task of managing our incomes and laying a solid foundation of finance for our homes, our families, and our lives. The author and contributors to this blog (listed as Anirudhi and Kinkini) seem to have a deep understanding of this, and work to bring a variety of personal finance topics to light, breaking them down in small, digestible pieces and explaining them in understandable ways.

The ‘Categories’ list is a good example of the topics and posts that you can read about on this blog:

• Banking
• Credit Cards
• Economy
• Home
‚Ä¢ Insurance (including children’s insurance plans)
• Investment
• Marketing
• Review

Summing Up Managing Personal Finance

Many people continue to face personal finance issues as adults, and without understandable resources to clarify and guide them, they will continue to on into the future; in many cases the ignorance will be passed on to following generations. Blogs like Managing Personal Finance offer a very good, and little time-consuming way to understand personal finance better and to start on the road to personal finance recovery.

Go and check out Managing Personal Finance for yourself.

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