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An Enigmatic World

Whether or not you believe in UFO’s and extraterrestrial life, or in many of the other unexplained phenomena of our enigmatic world, you have to admit that we all share a fascination and curiosity about the world around us and things of this nature. That’s got to be a good thing, because without that curiosity we’d still be banging rocks together and calling them tools. This blog from Kevin is all about exploring the phenomena of our natural and extraterrestrial world—all the fun and interesting things that science has to offer on earth and beyond.

An Enigmatic World – Why You Should Go

Kevin’s blog is a collection of news and footage that you may or may not have seen, and discussion and commentary on it. There is a lot about UFO’s and the possibilities and speculations therein, but there is also a lot of other little-known news that hardly makes its way out of the scientific community. It’s all very interesting stuff that you can take at your own level of acceptance, intelligently considered and discussed by our host.

Summing Up An Enigmatic World

Our world is an Enigma whether we like to admit it or not. Smart as we (think) we may be, there is so much that we do not yet know. Kevin is intelligent enough to know that, and not take anything at face value. Visit Kevin’s blog for some interesting news and discoveries from the world of science and nature, and learn how much more you don’t know, that could impact your thinking on so much of what is going on in this Enigmatic World.

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