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Nona Nita’s Grandparenting Blog

Talk to any grandparent and they will tell you that having grandchildren is one of the most precious gifts of all. However, connecting with children born generations apart can often prove a challenge. Nona Nita is aiming to change that.

Nona Nita’s Grandparenting Blog – Why You Should Go

Nona Nita knows children. She has raised two of her own and has made teaching her profession, and has been blessed with grandchildren as well. To Nona, children are a gift to be treasured.

Her blog has been designed to help grandparents remain active in the lives of their grandchildren, despite any hurdles like time and distance. Her goal is to provide resources for grandparents and others in an effort to inspire “enlightened grandparenting” for the modern grandparent to help them better connect and spend quality time with their grandchildren. She describes her blog as a…

“Blog hosted by a grandparent and teacher to share the joys and bumps of modern, enlightened grandparenting. Blog focuses on issues, activities and experiences of interest to grandparenting.”

Summing Up Nona Nita’s Grandparenting Blog

Nona Nita is delivering a high-quality resource to ensure that grandparents have the tools and resources they need to stay connected and involved in the lives of their children and grandchildren. She understands the important place that grandparents hold, and works hard to help them continue to make a difference in the lives of children young and old.

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