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Musings From A Muddy Island

Musings from a Muddy Island sounds a bit like a nice way to spend a rainy day. That it is, and more. Musings is Juliet Doyle‘s blog largely dedicated to the arts, described as “Random thoughts about books and printing, words and typography, art, artists and music, and living on Britain’s most easterly inhabited island, &c, &c”

Musings From A Muddy Island – Why You Should Go

Musings from a Muddy Island offers casual exploration of the arts and written word along with beautiful photographs taken by Juliet of her fine, muddied island. From Mersea Island, Essex in the UK Juliet shares posts that are personal, inspirational, and explorational. We get to know a bit of what’s going on in her life and go along with her as she takes us into the lives of some of her favorite artists. Art lovers in particular will want to visit this blog for Juliet’s new weekly feature, Friday Interviews.

Summing Up Musings From A Muddy Island

Musings is one place that helps us share a casual interest in the arts. This is a no-stress place to share and enjoy, with plenty of extra resources to keep you busy, and a healthy dose of information to learn about the UK’s most easterly island living.

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