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I’ve Paid For This Twice Already

When you put it that way it’s quite a wake-up call. Such is the realization that PaidTwice, author of I’ve Paid For This Twice Already, had when she made the decision to get out of debt and achieve financial independence once and for all. Part of that effort led her to her blog where she shares what she has learned along with her successes, one snowflake at a time.

I’ve Paid For This Twice Already – Why You Should Go

PaidTwice is living proof that small efforts can and do amount to big financial changes when you set your mind to them. Using a refined version of Dave Ramsey’s general snowball method of debt elimination, PaidTwice has already paid off about two-thirds of her debt and made huge strides towards financial independence. Through her blog, her success can be yours—both in inspiration and in action, as she shares many great tips and resources along the way. Included in her posts are discussions about the psychology of financial independence and debt reduction, software and resources, and information and links galore.

Summing Up I’ve Paid For This Twice Already

There is something about this blog that resonates with people trying to achieve financial independence. The story and attitude of success are infectious. Come along and share this family’s story, and enjoy the many benefits of learning from a regular girl with regular money troubles—and a proven formula for success!

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