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FitJerk’s Fitness Blog

There are a lot of imposters in the world of health and fitness, a great many of whom reside on the Internet—where else can you be anybody else? The FitJerk, however, is the real deal—telling it like it is, wasting no time and taking no excuses. It’s hard-core fitness, enter only if you can handle it.

FitJerk’s Fitness Blog – Why You Should Go

What the FitJerk delivers is hard-core fitness instruction and information. Does that mean that his information and program can’t work for you? Not at all. It simply means you have to be honest with yourself and with the Jerk if you plan to get anywhere near your fitness goals. It means that whining, excuses, and coddling are banned. It means that if you work with the Jerk, you can and will see results, but only if you can handle the truth. Can’t handle the truth? Can’t handle the FitJerk’s brutal honesty and no-holds-barred approach to fitness information and instruction? Best to move on to a more touchy-feely blog, this isn’t the place for you.

” I’m called a “FitJerk” for a good reason: I don’t like wasting time, I don’t kiss people’s *****, I can’t handle people who feel sorry for themselves… and I tell it like it is. I don’t accept the guilt of those who chose to be mediocre in life. I’m truly only a “jerk” to people when provoked. If that’s too intense for you, then by all means… don’t read my stuff. Doesn’t matter to me either way.”

If you can handle it, you’ll get loads of great information and access to the FitJerk’s many resources, including his Flawless Fitness Book and free mini course (free for a limited number of copies).Most of all, you’ll get the results that have eluded you every time before.

Summing Up FitJerk’s Fitness Blog

If you’re tired of the same old same old and ready for results, and are ready to commit with no holds-barred for real, final results, the FitJerk’s Fitness Blog is the place to go.

Go here to check out FitJerk’s Fitness Blog.

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