Recap Review, March 14 Edition

This week turned out to be all about food.  Hey, when you’re on a great roll, why spoil it?  And with so many diverse food-related blogs out there, how could we go wrong?

Week In Review, March 14, 2009

  • The week started with a review of Clara’s Depression Cooking blog.  It’s a place to learn some history from the best source–one who lived through it! As well as some great recipes and food-saving tips.
  • In keeping with the theme of low-cost cooking, we rounded up to a more modern take on budgeting in the kitchen at Erin Chase’s $5 Dinners blog.  Save some cash and learn some excellent recipes.
  • Next we caught up with Stephanie “the Crockpot Lady,”  who turned a year-long self-imposed challenge into a mainstream media interest and book deal.  She succeeded with A Year of Crockpotting, and has the blog and recipes to prove it.
  • To finish up the week of reviews we took our blog reviews on the road, stopping in on Krista in London.  Krista is deep into her “market research” and posting up great reviews of restaurants in London and in her sideline travels.

This should give you more than enough to do this weekend, trying out all these great recipes and more.  Catch up on last week’s blog reviews while you’re at it!  Recap Review, March 7 Edition is here!

Mary Ward
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