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The Whitejacket blog is brought to us by Benjamin, chef, food lover, and gifted food photographer. The blog is an adventure and exploration of all things cooking.

Whitejacket – Why You Should Go

Benjamin has both a real love of food and a real talent in creating and recreating it. This becomes readily apparent after just a few moments on the blog. What’s even better, Benjamin knows his topic well, and strives to make Whitejacket

“…an informative site where the ultimate goal is to assist the hungry chef. Be it at a professional level or for food lovers.”

Both professional and amateur chefs alike will find plenty to encourage and inspire them at this blog. Topics range from professional to pastry, homecooking, and everything across the spectrum. Benjamin is a talented photographer as well, and there is more than a little to see and to learn about food photography here. If photography isn’t your thing, if nothing else, the pictures will tempt your palate!

Summing Up Whitejacket

The Whitejacket blog is a comprehensive destination for novice and accomplished cooks and chefs that will inspire you as it teaches.

Go here to check out Whitejacket.

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Adventures In Food & Cooking

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What’s Cooking

Food is more than just sustenance, it’s an adventure! If you don’t believe that, then you haven’t met Ben Herrera of What’s Cooking.

What’s Cooking – Why You Should Go

Ben Herrera loves to play with his food—and we love his results! He describes himself as a ‘Kitchen Adventurer’ who loves to experiment with both preparing great recipes and photographing them. It’s a love of food that he has inherited from his restauranteering family, and one he is working hard to parley into a career in food photography. That should be no trouble for Ben, either, given the quality of his amazing food photographs on his blog.

The blog itself is a dual-natured blog. Ben takes and posts those amazing food photographs, and then also shares a bit of background, story, and of course, great recipes to tell the tale. The result is an absolutely tantalizing blog that will have you running to your cabinets to see how close you can come to Ben and his creations—whether you are a fan of cooking or not.

As if all of this were not enough, the blog doesn’t even stop there. Ben has built an inviting community through his blog, and also maintains a forum at the site for food and photography talk, and also relatable topics of health and fitness.

Summing Up What’s Cooking

Ben Herrera’s blog delivers a lot more than you might expect from a food blog. From good food to great friends, this is a blog community that has it all.

Go here to check out What’s Cooking.

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