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Roaming Tales

Roaming Tales is a very interesting dual-purpose blog by traveling journalist and food lover Caitlin. It’s the best of both worlds and then some at Caitlin’s blog.

Roaming Tales – Why You Should Go

Caitlin is technically an Australian (a title she is surely proud to bear), but she is more like a citizen of the world. She has spent five years living, working, and exploring in London and the nearby regions, and now has moved on to San Francisco, California, USA for more exploration and adventures flung near and far. Her work as a travel journalist makes living her life and dreams easy. Her blog of personal tales of travel gives her a place to present it all and educate the world along the way.

Caitlin has two main loves—travel, of course, and food. Previous blog versions had the two separated, but recognizing that that is not truly accurate, she married both at the Roaming Tales blog platform, and instead thoughtfully designed her blog so that the division is made easy for her readers, regardless of what your interest is. Caitlin makes it easy to find her travel stories and posts, to read food and cooking-only posts, or to enjoy both naturally as they come along. She also hosts a section expressly for her more formal professional writing, enhancing the informational value of the blog even more.

Summing Up Roaming Tales

Many blogs that attempt such a varied and shared approach to blogging end up in a mass of confusion, but not so at all at this blog. Caitlin is not only a knowledgeable reporter and writer with loads of thoughtful insight and information to share, but has also mastered tying together a lot of interesting, useful information on her most favored topics, delivering to her readers all that they desire to know, and usually much, much more.

Go here to check out Roaming Tales.

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