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Project Swole

According to the online Urban Dictionary, to be “swole” means

“The state of being very muscular and/or buff and in good shape.”

It is this state that blogger Steve of Project Swole set off to achieve at the beginning of his blog. His project is proving to be highly successful, too—not only in terms of his personal success, but also in terms of the success of his readers thanks to his blog and support.

Project Swole – Why You Should Go

Steve just wants what about everyone else does:

“To be functionally strong, agile, and flexible; to be able to defend myself in a brawl; to be able to run for miles in the case of an emergency; to be able to climb nearly anything if necessary. Essentially I want to be prepared for any situation that might involve an extreme physical effort, or a fight or flight response. Oh, I also want to look good naked.”

All kidding aside, though, Steve dedicated himself to a course of better health, fitness, and living, and put it all out there on the web so that, sink or swim, we all could see. What grew from his goals is a blog where any man or woman can come and learn to be fit and healthy by building muscle and losing fat through weight lifting, diet, and if desired, through the use of safe and approved dietary supplements.

Steve is qualified to give this advice for two reasons: one, his experience as a personal trainer, and two, his personal experience by “walking the walk”. Steve has proven himself as a trusted source and wealth of information, and always willing to help his readers and others as they, too, reach for their own personal fitness goals. He offers a variety of different free workout plans, training routines, diet and nutrition advice, tailored to the specific goals of different types of people with different goals for their fitness and weight loss.

Summing Up Project Swole

Project Swole is another definite destination for the person seeking better health and fitness. Regardless of your intentions and goals, you’ll find the information that you need to achieve them here. If you don’t, give Steve a shout, he’s always happy to help.

Go here to check out Project Swole.

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