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Country French Antiques

There is a bit of a decorator in pretty much every household. If that is you, it’s okay to admit it and sit back and explore this blog. If not you, but perhaps a significant other in the household, you’ll want to grab him or her for this one.

Country French Antiques – Why You Should Go

Country French Antiques is the blog of a French antiques dealer, Shawn Stucker. Shawn makes frequent buying trips to France to supply her Kentucky (USA) antiques shop, which is heavily influenced by the French style, furniture, and collectibles, but also includes European and American antiques and pieces of interest.

Whether or not you are close enough to shop Shawn’s physical shop, you will get a great value from her blog. In it, she showcases many of the pieces that she has for sale and also shares photos of others. She also discusses various pieces, what makes them special or valuable, and highlights ideas for their use in decorating. All in all, there is a lot to learn here about both decorating and antiques. At the very least, you’ll find her photos inspiring.

Summing Up Country French Antiques

This blog is so rich in photos, it’s almost a photoblog. It’s like eye candy for the antique lover—a decorating magazine, window shopping excursion, and vacation to the French countryside all rolled into one.

Go here to check out Country French Antiques.

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