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Wife of a Wounded Marine

This is the blog of Karie, a woman whose husband was wounded in Iraq just three months after they were married. She shares the struggles of coping with a recovering husband who has had both physical and emotional challenges since his tour in Iraq. Karie brings an interesting perspective on the war and how military families cope.

Wife of a Wounded Marine– Why You Should Go

Karie’s perspective reminds us that it is not just the soldiers that are affected by war, but that entire families feel the strain of dealing with the aftermath of war, particularly when soldiers are wounded. Her Friday Faces of War column is particularly interesting.  Throughout the blog, Karie shares the challenges and triumphs of a life not quite what she’d envisioned, and remains brutally and commendably honest and open.

Summing Up Wife of a Wounded Marine

Other military families will particularly like this blog, as they’ll find it easy to relate to Karie’s struggles. But the site is great for all of us, as we can see firsthand how our soldiers and their families cope with the life changes brought on by war.

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