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Edible Mince

Edible Mince offers interesting articles on a variety of topics. It’s a great place to go to find articles to motivate you, inspire you or even make you laugh. They also sometimes take on topics that others fail to investigate, such as this month’s “Why Are Asians Better at Math?” The topics are unique and there’s a big library of article archives. Essentially, the blogger writes about what is interesting to him; if you share his interests, you’ll enjoy the site very much. There’s a lot of information here on gaming, including, X box and Wii.

Edible Mince– Why You Should Go

This site makes for good reading. You can find articles about music, sports, medicine; just about anything the author finds interesting at the time. Readers in their late teens and twenties will be able to relate to many of the articles on the site.

Summing Up Edible Mince

Interesting articles, especially for the 20 something set. There are lots of articles on music, sports, gaming and social media that will appeal particularly to this age range.

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