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The Personal Genome

Just like Dr. Hsien-Hsien Lei’s Eye on DNA blog, the Personal Genome is a blog with striking promise for the present and future. It is the place where Jason Bobe, blog developer and Director of Community for the Personal Genome Project out of Harvard’s George Church’s lab, brings attention to the issue and the promise it potentially delivers.

The Personal Genome – Why You Should Go

For people like Bobe, the Personal Genome Project is an exciting adventure with potentially great implications. For others of us, the project is a bit of a mystery, a mention on the morning news, and something we are not quite sure applies to or affects us. This is the perception that Jason Bobe is trying to change. He aims to clarify the gray matters and help people see that the project does touch each and every one of us, even as he helps us answer the questions like:

“…are you going to take the personal genomics plunge? How are you going to decide? What are the issues? How are other people making this decision? Who is doing interesting work relevant to these choices? By the way, what is relevant?”

These are the very questions Bobe and his blog addresses in the interest of furthering the project and people’s understanding of it.

Summing Up The Personal Genome

Jason Bobe clearly has his own ideas about the Genome Project, but does not presume to preach or pressure. He offers education and understanding, and a way to personalize what the project might mean to you, as he works to help you make the important decisions in regards to it.

Go here to check out The Personal Genome.

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