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Tree Hugging Family

Tree Hugging Family is a cooperatively run blog at b5media written by co-bloggers Jennifer Chait and Peggy Rowland. This blog is a place where you can go daily to learn how to make small changes that turn into a huge environmental impact.

Tree Hugging Family – Why You Should Go

The name ‘Tree Hugging Family‘ might evoke images in some of extremist, well, tree-huggers, or closed-minded fanatics interested only in promoting their own hard-core environmental points of view. But the Tree Hugging Family blog is nothing of the kind. Tree Hugging Family is a blog where writer Jennifer Chait and Peggy Rowland work post by post to educate readers as to the impact of global warming, but more importantly to educate readers in how they can live better, cleaner, and greener.

Tree Hugging Family is really a very open and warm community, and welcoming of civil debate over the issue. But the real impetus behind the blog is to offer up solutions, not argument over the problem. Day by day, post by post, the blog’s authors present new ways to easily and painlessly change little things in your daily routine. The focus is more on sustainable, livable solutions to global warming through green living.

The topics and green actions presented span a wide range; timely news is presented, as well as meaningful activities like

• Green kids activities
• Green crafts
• Green cleaning
• Green pets
• Green remodeling
• Green schools
• Green work and office
• Energy audits & tips
• Recycling
• Saving energy
• Gardening
• Eco living
• Flowers
• Gardening
• Organics
• Extreme green for hard-core environmentalists
• A lot more…

There’s really a wealth of information here, and it’s good to know that with blogs like this around we can hope that people are reading and learning and making our shared environment a healthier, more earth-friendly place to be.

Summing Up Tree Hugging Family

As the topics and categories suggest, Tree Hugging Family has a bit of something of interest for everyone. This is an excellent read and an excellent resource regardless of your stance on global warming. Thanks to b5media and the girls at Tree Hugging Family, there’s still hope that people can learn to live in cleaner and greener ways without making it so painful an experience that it can’t be sustained.

Go and check out The Tree Hugging Family for yourself.

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