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Bytes And Hertz

I’ve never really understood all that much about ‘Ham’ radio (amateur radio) or about the hobby and culture of it, but all that might change now thanks to this blog.

Bytes And Hertz – Why You Should Go

I think the concept of amateur radio always fascinated me, but I was never quite sure what one would say. Thanks to Nat Harrington and his blog, now I might have some idea.

Nat’s blog, Bytes and Hertz, is a blog all about amateur or ham radio. Nat has been an enthusiast for many years, and even has a professional background in TV broadcast—so yes, he knows his stuff. His blog covers all aspects of the hobby, including news and politics of note and debate, associations, uses, events, benefits, and the list goes on. It is an absolute definite for other amateur radio enthusiasts and a place of interest for those who’ve always wondered, like myself. If you are just thinking about getting in on the fun, this is a definite stop for you, too.

Summing Up Bytes And Hertz

There is no chance of boredom at this blog for the amateur radio hobbyist. With all the additional trivia, features, and gadgets, there’s really no chance of boredom for any visitor. If you love ham radio, or are just enticed by the idea, be sure to check out this blog.

Go here to check out Bytes and Hertz.

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