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Personal Health Answers

Personal Health Answers is an open-source health information blog maintained by David Patterson. It is designed to be a reliable one-stop source of information on a range of health topics.

Personal Health Answers – Why You Should Go

Personal Health Answers covers all related health topics, including weight loss, exercise, general health and nutrition, and a range of more specific illnesses, diseases, and chronic problems. It is of course not a substitute for personal medical advising, but it is a place where you can come and do some preliminary research on matters of health that might concern you, and to catch up on the latest health and wellness news. The blog has a number of contributors writing intelligent posts designed to encourage you to better health by providing the information you need and helping you make time to find it. The site also accepts and addresses reader questions, as the name would suggest.

About Personal Health Answers, in their own words:

“Day after day, our daily lives consist of always being on the go with little time to care for ourselves. We have become entangled in our day to day routine and many of us just cannot seem to find the time to fit in a little one on one time strictly targeted at our own personal fitness and healthy diet.

So we came along and established our website to assist thousands and thousands of people a day in learning how to better care for themselves on a day to day basis and find the appropriate information they need when they’ve got a question about their own personal health.”

Summing Up Personal Health Answers

No online resource can take the place of a doctor’s advice, but they can do their part to provide timely topical news and education in the interest of helping people understand their health and their bodies, and motivating them to seek care as appropriate. That is what Personal Health Answers does. For questions about your own health and related matters, or to follow the news of the health world,

Go here to check out Personal Health Answers.

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A Healthbolt Jolt To Healthier Living

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Healthbolt is, as you might have guessed it, a blog about health; but it’s not just “another” blog about health, and, as author Liz likes to say, “It ain’t your Mama’s health blog.”

Healthbolt – Why You Should Go

Healthbolt is a blog on the b5 Media network that brings you all manner of information and news from the world of health. There are your more run-of-the-mill health posts with tips and advice for things like fitness and weight loss, but then there are those health topics that many health bloggers dare not talk about—some turned into features like Sexbolt Saturday and The Sunday Sidebar (now a Monday morning feature). The categories list is absolutely bursting with interesting health topics, many you probably haven’t given much thought to before. This health blog covers every aspect of health in the news, not shying away from any given topic. From the general to the “interesting, weird, and intriguing,” Healthbolt delivers the goods for a whole picture of health.

Summing Up Healthbolt

Healthbolt is more than a polite blog talking about the politically correct topics of health. It’s a whole-health experience that entertains as it educates.

Go here to check out Healthbolt.

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