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Health Commentary

Health Commentary is a blog site hosted by Dr. Mike Magee. The site’s guiding principle is that healthcare should be available and affordable for all US citizens. There is plenty of commentary on the site, particularly about the ongoing US healthcare debate, but also about other health related issues that are relevant to Americans.

Health Commentary – Why You Should Go

This is a great site to help you keep up with the ongoing healthcare debate in the United States. You’ll get lots of commentary from guest bloggers, knowledgeable about the proposed reform. The Daily Choice column, written by Dr. Magee, covers a wide variety of health related topics.

Summing Up Health Commentary

This is a very good website to help you keep up with what’s going on in healthcare reform, as well as other important health topics. The author’s column makes for very good reading, and there are lots of guest .bloggers who offer many different views and cover many different topics. You get not only the “need to know” facts about your healthcare, but also the political side of America’s healthcare reform movement.

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