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Rippdemup is a social commentary site that explores political and racial issues in America. The blog’s author, who goes by Rippa, discusses current events that affect the black community in a way that challenges the status quo. He provides statistics and insight that challenge traditional thinking about issues like poverty, healthcare and social norms.

Rippdemup– Why You Should Go

Rippa has a great sense of humor, which is sure to strike a cord with those who can appreciate it. His commentary is very biting. He isn’t afraid to question society’s rules and expectations, and his writing will make you question some of your basic assumptions about how our society works. The author keeps up on current events and blogs about them in real time, so the blogs you’re reading coincide with events you’re currently reading about in the news.

Summing Up Rippdemup

Another social commentary blog devoted to political and social concerns and issues of the African American community, yes. But, it’s fresh, thought provoking and humorous, too.

Go here to check out Rippdemup.

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