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Biking Hiking With Kids

Biking Hiking with Kids is the shared experience of a father and his two young sons who are off enjoying the great outdoors of Northeast USA. This blog is both a resource for other parents and people who want to know more about sharing these activities with kids, and a chronicle of some quality times spent together between a father and his two children.

Biking Hiking With Kids – Why You Should Go

The author of this blog has been camping, hiking and mountain biking with his two sons for about four years now. They utilize many of the great trail systems and natural resources near their New Jersey, US home and are slowly expanding their outreach. Along the way, Dad is blogging about the trips and experiences and providing detailed trail reports so that readers and visitors can use the information to determine which points may be of interest to them, and which ones suit the skill-level, ability, and interest of them and their children.

This blog basically grew out of necessity when the author found that, although the US has many excellent trails prime for quality exploration with children, there is not a lot of good, detailed information on the web about most of them; and so, as he and his sons tackle a trail he also tackles the job of reviewing it and posting the information at his blog. Posts come complete with first-hand accounts, reviews, pictures, and trail maps. Additionally, the author offers up a variety of posts covering gear, preparation, and much more.

Summing Up Biking Hiking With Kids

Biking Hiking With Kids is an excellent first-line resource for anyone with an interest in sharing like outdoor activities with their children. The conversation is good, the trail reviews detailed and useful, and the example set by this father-son team is one definitely worth taking in.

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