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Spunky Homeschool

The homeschool community, and indeed anyone interested in or researching homeschooling, has benefited greatly from the advent of the Internet as a multi-use platform. This blog is one of those great benefits.

Spunky Homeschool – Why You Should Go

What homeshoolers needed in the past was better resources for information, curriculum, and very importantly, networking. The Internet made a better place for all of that to happen. This blog is one advantageous result.

Spunky Homeschool is maintained by Karen Braun, a homeschooling mother of six who is deeply devoted to her role as a mother and an educator, and also as an advocate of homeschooling. On this blog, she discusses many topics of interest to homeschoolers and prospective homeschoolers (and maybe even a few open-minded opponents). Posts can range from curriculum matters to recent accomplishments and accolades for her homeschooled children, to advocacy through commentary on homeschooling in the news and policy-making.

Summing Up SpunkyHomeschool

Spunky Homeschool is an award-winning blog that has become a first-line resource for information, resources, and insightful commentary. Karen has come to be a highly respected member of the homeschooling community, and an unparalleled resource for a community in need.

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