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Good Soldiers

Memorial Day, a day to honor the veterans and fallen soldiers of all wars, was recently celebrated in the U.S. (Monday, May 25). Australia also recently celebrated a similar holiday, Anzac Day in honor of their veterans (Sean Rasmussen honored the day with a compelling story of a chance lunch with a noble vet while out shopping with his wife—or more accurately waiting for her to shop—be sure to stop in and read the about the experience, regardless of what country you are from). All around the world, countries honor those who have fought for their beliefs, freedoms, and cultures; and so it is fitting that there be blogs that do the same each and every day.

Good Soldiers – Why You Should Go

Good Soldiers is one of those blogs. Writer Derrick gives of his time to pay tribute to the armed forces that protect American rights and freedoms, and those who very sadly lose their lives in the process. The blog maintains an ongoing list of fallen heroes in recent conflicts and also offers news, stories, and commentary in related topics. It’s a sobering view of what is really happening and a place of reverence for some very selfless men and women.

Summing Up Good Soldiers

You do not need to be a supporter of any war or conflict to respect and honor the people who give of themselves in the line of duty for their, and your, country. Politics aside, there is always reason to honor those who fight for our freedoms and cultures, as this blog so clearly shows.

Go here to honor your veterans at Good Soldiers.

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