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Portraits With Horses

Portraits With Horses is a blog by horse enthusiast and artist Connie Moses. Moses is an artist that specializes in horse portraits. She also keeps horses and shares training techniques for other horse enthusiasts. Moses presents practical tips that any horse owner can use for training. There are also good product reviews as well as good general information aimed at horse lovers.

Portraits With Horses – Why You Should Go

The author is a horse owner and enthusiast who shares good tips about horse training and products with other horse lovers. There are also plenty of interesting articles about horses, horse training, and other pets, and there’s always something interesting to read on this site. And of course, there is also some beautiful artwork on the site.

Summing Up Portraits With Horses

Portraits with Horses is a website for the horse enthusiast, written by another horse enthusiast and talented artist. Moses shares some great training tips and gives horse lovers plenty of good information about products that are helpful, along with general interest information that will be enjoyable for all horse lovers.

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