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Blogging With Success

Bloggers have an uncanny knack for coming up with names for their blogs that are so pointedly indicative of what they do, don’t they? In a world where people judge your worth in a matter of seconds, that’s a good thing. This blog is yet another example of a blog name that “says it all”; Blogging With Success is a blogging guide designed to help you start, manage, and take your blog to the highest possible levels, to see the best return on your blogging effort.

Blogging With Success – Why You Should Go

Blogging With Success is a fairly young blog, having been created in November of 2008, but it is very quickly proving its worth for bloggers (new or old). It is a blog full of tips, tricks, tutorials, and advice on every aspect of blogging, from design and promotion to connecting with the real-live people who read your blog. This is a team effort, currently with four bloggers contributing within their individual areas of blogging expertise and experience. This approach makes for a very well-rounded advice and tutorial blog, and offers insight for bloggers at all stages of the game, as the contributing writers are also all at different stages of blog growth. What’s even better is that the writing team hails from points around the globe (India, Indonesia, the USA, and the Philippines), so is representative of the true global nature of the blogosphere and the people participating in it.

“As a team of writers from various disciplines, we complement each other, providing greater coverage of blogging issues. Each contributor is in a different stage of their own blog’s life cycle. Located around the globe, they represent a cross-section of our readership.”

The blog is also a highly interactive place, very much in favor of action and participation, as noted on the About page and in the calls to action for comments and participation on the posts.

“Your time here will be well spent if you participate and contribute on more than a surface level. It’s a two way street. Get what you need from this blog and in return contribute so that others in the community can benefit from your success. We don’t want you ‘lurking’ around in some Google Reader. Ask your questions and share your skills right here in the city square.”

Summing Up Blogging With Success

Blogging With Success is a very well-designed blog in both form and function. New and “hot-topic” posts are easy to find with shortened versions and easy buttons for “more” and “comments” below each, so you can quickly click through to just the posts you are interested in. The diversity of the writers, their experiences, and their targeted, useful posts makes this blogging resource one that delivers more than most, putting real blogging tools in your hands, and then helping you learn how to use them. All in all, Blogging With Success delivers the goods and makes sure you know how to use them. This is a promising new blog packed full with great information already, with lots left to come.

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