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Identity Check

If you find yourself feeling increasingly like one lost in the crowd of politics and opinion, one whose voice and interests are neither heard nor reflected in politics or society today, it my be time for your own Identity Check. Getting back to the core of who you are might be tough given the many voices we hear through mainstream media, but this blog by Anok just might help.

Identity Check – Why You Should Go

If you were looking for a concise explanation of what Identity Check is you might label it as political commentary. Not one for the confines of labeling, though, Anok might balk at such a short and sweet explanation of this blog (however in the interest of communication, we’d expect to be forgiven this once). And Anok would be right to hesitate to accept that narrow a labeling of this blog, as it is really more.

Anok is self-described as a person ready for a social and governmental change; not a strict anarchist, but apparently looking for something better than the current state of affairs. The person, and it would appear the blog too, is “constantly growing and changing.” Posts range from insightful consideration of current affairs to humorous posts, to political analysis, analysis of the issues, and respectful debate.

Summing Up Identity Check

Anok is a person with passion, but not one so passionate that readers are alienated from the blog. Respect and meaningful debate are central to Identity Check, and indeed it enjoys a healthy community of commentary; and Anok welcomes it all—supporters and detractors—with grace. Agree or disagree, but consider Anok’s researched and meaningful posts for the food for thought that they offer. In the interest of being concise again, as one commenter put it, this blog provides “good stuff to chew on.”

Go here to check out Identity Check.

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