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Knowledge Reform

Knowledge Reform is a website dedicated to self improvement through the mastery of things like anger management, self-analysis, motivation and self-awareness. The gist of the blog is that we can all benefit from ridding our mind of useless general knowledge and spend time getting to know ourselves, without judgment; for it is only when we truly know ourselves that we can accept all of the opportunities for happiness that life presents us. The site is full of posts and articles about improving yourself in order to improve your everyday life.

Knowledge Reform – Why You Should Go

There is a lot of good information here. In addition to the blog posts by author Jason Cooper, there is an entire library of information that recommends self help books and audio tapes on many different areas of self improvement. There are also inspirational quotes and blogs to make you think about the things about yourself that you’d like to improve.

Summing Up Knowledge Reform

A blog about self improvement through self awareness. Cooper does a really good job of pulling a lot of resources together in one spot to help readers on a path of self awareness and improvement.

Go here to check out Knowledge Reform.

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