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Category: Motivation, Personal Development, Philosophy

True Quotes

This is not the first blog of this kind that we’ve reviewed here; if you recall, a while back we stopped in at Dexter the Quote Guy’s Quotes…In Our Own Words Blog. True Quotes is a blog that shares a lot of similarity with Dexter’s blog, with a somewhat broader topical range and author Ann’s own personal touch.

True Quotes – Why You Should Go

True Quotes has a refreshingly simple format. Ann simply gives us a quote for the day, one to each post, and then takes just a couple of paragraphs to offer commentary on it. Whereas Dexter’s blog is based primarily on quotes focusing on positivity, Ann’s blog is a bit more liberal, including quotes on all manner of subjects. Says Ann, these are quotes taken

“…from a variety of sources including authors of classic literature and poetry, Holy Scripture, writings of the saints, and possibly even bumper stickers!”

—anything she finds that inspires her and she thinks will inspire you to thought and contemplation. Topics can run the gamut from inspirational and positive, to commentary on human nature and character. It’s all to get your thought processes moving and to make the written word meaningful to you in a personal way, the way that it is to her (to that end, be sure to see Ann’s Meaningful Project).

Summing Up True Quotes

Visiting True Quotes will only take a few moments out of your day, but those few moments will be enough to inspire you to thought. It will be a few moments very well spent at this interesting and inspirational blog.

Go here to check out True Quotes.

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Inspiring Ideas For Women

Ideas for WomenWhere to Find Ideas for Women:
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Category: Women’s Issues, Inspiration

Ideas For Women

At least superficially, it’s not hard to figure out what Trish’s Ideas for Women blog is about. The name pretty much sums it up. Ideas for Women is a blog which is actually part of a larger site of the same name, and all of dedicated to inspiring, educating, and motivating women to thought, action, and living well.

Ideas For Women – Why You Should Go

Trish has built her site and her blog over several years. She says she has a hard time remembering precisely what her original intention was, but likes the direction that her site and her blog have grown in. The blog, much like the site, discusses topics of interest to women, women’s issues, politics and the implications specifically for women, as well as issues like health and wellness. Her categories are a good indication of what you’ll find at the blog:

• Inspire
• Health
• Change
• Money
• Family
• Friday Favorites

Within the categories she strives to motivate women toward better health in all matters—money and finance, world change, physical health, psychological, and motivational.
Summing Up This Blog

Ideas for Women has plenty of just what it promises. Visit Trish to explore the ways that she can inspire you to make the most of your life by learning about the many factors of influence upon it.

Go here to check out Ideas for Women.

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Appreciating Layers Of Art

Layers Upon LayersWhere to Find Layers Upon Layers:
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Category: The Arts, Personal Interests

Layers Upon Layers

Layers Upon Layers is the place where artist Cyndi Lavin proves once and for all that all things are worth keeping—and can be put to higher use with a little imagination and an artistic eye. This is her mixed-media art blog where she shares her passion and her projects, running strong now since 2006.

Layers Upon Layers – Why You Should Go

Cyndi’s battle cry—”Don’t throw ANYTHING out!” is one that has been with her since childhood. It’s one that has served her well in her artistic medium, and served her readers well as they explore the new possibilities that the most unlikely of objects can bring.

In her original introductory post, Cyndi describes her blog as “a mixed media wonderland, where no materials are considered too strange to use in making something!” The projects and pieces she displays on her blog are living proof of that.

In addition to showcasing her own artistic works, Cyndi offers in-depth interviews with artists and creative professionals, instructional posts, reviews, and much, much more.

Summing Up Layers Upon Layers

Layers Upon Layers offers layers upon layers of good reading for the artistically minded. Come for new ideas, inspiration, kids’ crafts, or just to indulge in daily art appreciation.

Go here to check out Layers Upon Layers.

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Glenda Watson Hyatt Continues To Inspire

Lorelle on WordPress Glenda Hyatt featureWe’ll come back to the blog itself for later review (because it certainly is deserving in its own right!); this blog caught my eye today because of the feature recently posted about Glenda Watson Hyatt, whom we reviewed a short time back for her amazing and inspirational Do It Myself blog.

(Re) Introducing Glenda Watson Hyatt

To refresh the memory, Glenda Watson Hyatt is the author of DoItMyself.com and a book also aptly titled I’ll Do It Myself. Glenda has Cerebral Palsy, and uses blogging as her largest outlet of communication with the world. She has become a true source of inspiration for so many, and a much sought-after presenter at conferences and seminars, including Blog World Expo.

Glenda’s Story

This recent feature post is found on Lorelle on WordPress. Lorelle was privileged to have Glenda share her story with her, which is shared in a video on the post.

It’s a wonderful thing to see Glenda get her due attention, and an inspiration to see her story. Take a minute to visit this site and be inspired by Glenda—and learn more about the amazing ways blogging has changed lives.

Go here to see Glenda speak on Lorelle on WordPress.

Has Blogging Changed Your Life?

Glenda’s story has me thinking about the unexpected ways something as simple as blogging can change a life. How has blogging changed your life? Please tell us your own story in the comments below.

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Inspiration & Motivation BlogTo Find Inspiration & Motivation Blog:


Category: Motivation, Personal Development

Inspiration & Motivation Blog

Today our round-the-world blog reviews take us to Bandung City in Indonesia to the blog of Arswino Sonata. One of Arswino’s favorite activities is sharing with people and inspiring them to live a happy, motivated life of success. This young and promising blog is his means to that end.

Inspiration & Motivation – Why You Should Go

We do see a lot of blogs in the blogosphere that are set up as motivational personal development blogs. To be sure, we have seen many here, not least of all because mindset and motivation are of primary importance to our host, Sean Rasmussen. It seems that each of these blogs have a slightly different take on the secret to life’s success, and a slightly different package for its delivery. Arswino’s blog, though, is truly unique.

Inspiration & Motivation aims to inspire mainly through storytelling. Arswino Sonata has a gift for locating stories with great morals for living, and it is these that he chooses to use to best illustrate his thoughts and beliefs.

Summing Up Inspiration & Motivation

Arswino’s approach to motivational blogging is thoughtful and entertaining all at the same time. It’s an easy and enjoyable place to visit, one that makes easy, short work of inspiring your day.

Go here to check out Inspiration & Motivation Blog.

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Putting Words To The Quotes That Inspire

Quotes in Our Own WordsWhere to Find Quotes…In Our Own Words:
Blog URL: http://inourownwords.blogspot.com/
Category: Positivity, Personal Development

Quotes…In Our Own Words

Sometimes the best blog concepts come from the simplest of ideas, as we’ve seen with blogs like Comical Comments and the like, and as we are about to see with Quotes…In Our Own Words (yes, this is about to be one of those “why didn’t I think of that?” moments).

Quotes…In Our Own Words is a blog that takes the inspirational quote just a step further, and turns it into not only a motivational tool, but also a subject of thoughtful discussion.

Quotes…In Our Own Words – Why You Should Go

Dexter the Quote Guy is a person who just “likes to spread a positive word.” And like most people, he finds that one of the most direct and meaningful ways to do that it to borrow the words of those who have said it best—the people from history and modern times who have produced the most concise, pointed, and hard-hitting quotes to inspire and teach.

What Dexter has done with these quotes on his blog is used them as a launching-point for discussion and positive thinking. With each post Dexter delivers one or a few quotes of interest (and from time to time stories and links of importance to make a difference in the world). He then talks a little about what each means to him, and opens the floor for discussion and growth among his readers. His inspiration grew from an interest in the Law of Attraction, and so his theme follows much along the same lines towards success, fulfillment, and positive living.

Summing Up Quotes…In Our Own Words

Sometimes the best way to say something is to let someone who’s already said it best say it all. And sometimes the way to make that into more is to share it and add a few thoughts of your own. That is what Dexter has done on his blog, a place where you can go for a regular fix of positive thinking.

Go here to check out Quotes…In Our Own Words.

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A Real Way To Approach Positive Thinking

Positive ThinkingWhere to Find Positive Thinking:
Blog URL: http://kennymcbride.blogspot.com/
Category: Personal Development, Positivity

Positive Thinking

“Deep,” “uplifting,” “inspirational,” “blessed,” are all words used to describe Kenny McBride and his blog, Positive Thinking – A Realistic Approach (which officially enters our ranks as our first blog from Scotland—congratulations, Kenny!). What is it that people are talking about? It is the realistic, life-centered, practical approach that Kenny uses to help people form their lives into one that is more positive and content.

Positive Thinking – Why You Should Go

These descriptive words from Kenny’s bloggers say a lot. Positive Thinking is worth your while because it does present realistic ways to maximize your life through positive thinking. Kenny’s approach is not entirely unique, but his realization of why this works just might be. He says, “Failing to accomplish your goals is a common trait. The reason for this is your approach to goal setting. Planning your goals around the life you have will ensure you get to the life you want, it’s just a simple strategy of one step at a time.”

Kenny’s advice and posts are very much grounded in starting at the point you are at to build a pathway to success that always includes you and the life you are living, and not just focus on a future far away. It’s a concept shared on various levels with other success coaches and experts, but one that may this time be communicated in a way you haven’t considered; perhaps one that you can connect with more easily.

Summing Up Positive Thinking

Kenny McBride shares some proven concepts on his blog, but puts things in terms and perspectives that make it easy to relate and implement. As he says, if you need, or “know someone who needs a little help in their life…tell a friend about this blog” and see if it’s not the one that finally makes simple sense of positive living for you.

Go here to check out Positive Thinking – A Realistic Approach.

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Living And Writing The Fearless Life

The Fearless BlogWhere to Find The Fearless Blog:
Blog URL: http://thefearlessblog.blogspot.com/
Category: Personal Blog, Life

The Fearless Blog

The Fearless Blog is the work of M. Cueto, a teacher, writer, and editor who is a professor of developmental writing by day, and a fearless blogger by night. Her posts span many related and relatable subjects, and are primarily an analysis of life and living, a meditation on where the writer has been and where she is going.

The Fearless Blog – Why You Should Go

M. Cueto has a strong sense of where she is really from, and this has a clear impact on how she lives her life and her level of appreciation of it. She sums this up best with an inspiring quote from Georgia O’Keeffe, who said, “Where I was born and where and how I have lived is unimportant. It is what I have done with where I have been that should be of interest.”

To demonstrate the what and the where of where she has been, we are treated to stories, lessons really, from life learned, accompanied by insightful poetry, books, film, videos, success stories, and a “Think About It” series to further expand our own boundaries and experiences.

Summing Up The Fearless Blog

The Fearless Blog is inspiring for its ability to gently push you into thought about life and your current state of mind. Leading by example, M. Cueto gives us plenty of food for thought, exploring life from all depths and angles.

Go here to check out The Fearless Blog.

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On Simplifying For A Better Life

On SimplicityWhere to Find On Simplicity:
Blog URL: http://www.onsimplicity.net/
Category: Simplicity, Personal Development

On Simplicity

Sara is a girl on a mission, too—a mission to get more out of life by paring it down to the essentials. She believes in the power of simplicity, whatever that may mean to you, and in “amplifying life’s pleasures by clearing out the clutter…” Her blog is a practical guide to achieving simplicity as she learns it herself through her own personal efforts at “creating a happier, easier, more enjoyable life…”

On Simplicity – Why You Should Go

Simplicity means many things to many people, and so one of the missions of this blog is to clarify that meaning. Recognizing that the ideal of simplicity is personal, Sara offers her definition of what simplicity means and can be to her, but encourages readers to add their own for their own personal development. For Sara, though, simplicity is ” stripping everything away from our lives: assumptions, preconceptions, fears and dreams, and then keeping only the things that we truly value. It’s about being happy with enough, and finding contentment from within.”

The posts at On Simplicity vary, with all aimed at helping readers find their individual paths to simplicity and contentment; on any given day that may include how-to posts, tips and tricks, or insights and inspirations. It’s an interesting enough and effective enough mix to keep you coming back, and to have engaged a healthy community of readers and commenters.

Summing Up On Simplicity

There are few lives that couldn’t benefit from some worthwhile paring down to the simpler side of life. This is a blog that has the goods to help you do that, one that you’ll find interesting, insightful, and useful as you work towards less, and enjoy less more.

Go here to check out On Simplicity.

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Damien at the Speed of LifeWhere to Find Damien At The Speed Of Life:
Blog URL: http://diary.rileycentral.net/
Category: Personal blogs

Damien At The Speed Of Life

Damien at the Speed of Life is self-described as the “Inner monologue of a dreamer.” It’s one of the newer ventures of veteran blogger Damien Riley, who also maintains a blog of psychology and inspiration, and a blog where he uses his skill and experience as a fourth grade teacher to lend tips and tricks and things that work for parents and others important in the lives of kids. This blog was started as a personal diary, and shares much of the same air of insight and helpfulness as his other two, minus, perhaps, the topical restrictions.

Damien At The Speed Of Life – Why You Should Go

Damien Riley has a wide net of expertise, and this blog seems to be a culmination of many of them. It is part ‘get to know you better,’ part inspiration and advice ( guess a teacher can’t really ever get away from that) and part useful review where Damien talks about many of his favorite and most efficient work and time-savers, including Last.fm and Sidebar chat plug-ins. Damien has been researching the blogging field for quite some time, so it is worth a stop in at his blog if for nothing else than to glean his blogging knowledge (including this post where he lists 10 Gripes About Blogs These Days—quite a few of them are right on the mark!).

Summing Up Damien At The Speed Of Life

Damien didn’t need to start another blog, he wanted one that could be “a way to get out of my sometimes confining (though lucrative) niche of psychology and inspiration and have a freeform place to really connect with my readers on a less structured level.” It appears that Speed is fulfilling that goal, and serving as a nice round-out to Damien’s collection.

Go here to check out Damien At The Speed Of Life.

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