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Day Of X

As blog author Mark Hewitt will tell you, every day is a day to celebrate…something. The latest craze to make every day stand for something has not gone unnoticed by Mark, and just to help you sort it all out, he’s created this blog.

Day Of X – Why You Should Go

Day of X is a tongue-in-cheek walk through the year chronicling the latest and greatest international day of recognition. Each day, Mark highlights the designated celebration for the day (or A designated celebration—I’m sure many of these enjoy more than one!). He gives you a run-down on what the day is and a bit of history or trivia as accompaniment, as well as advice on how best to honor the day.

Why would anyone go to all this trouble for you? Mark explains his motivation on his About page.

“There are few faster-growing cultural phenomena than that of dedicating every single segment of the calendar to some cause, group or idea. And I feel that, as citizens of the world, it’s essential that we honour every single one of these important milestones.

The problem is, there is no single, central resource which will tell you which of these vitally important Days you are currently living in. What if you found out, at one minute to midnight, that you’ve been wearing shorts throughout the International Day of Trousers, having mistakenly thought it was an ordinary Thursday? How could you look yourself in the eye after that fiasco, knowing that everyone in the world has been laughing at you all day?

Day of X is here to help.

Every single day of the year, I’ll be keeping you up to date on what Day you’re currently living in, and providing helpful advice on how best to celebrate it. And if it’s one of those few, scarce and sad days that isn’t yet dedicated to some worthy idea? I’ll make one up.

You’re very welcome.”

Summing Up Day of X

“Day of X. Because every day should be special. And it’s not special until it’s recognised by some arbitrary action group.”

What would life be without arbitrary days of recognition and celebration? At the very least, less entertaining, because we wouldn’t have Mark Hewitt’s blog. Be sure to be in the know, and grab a few laughs in the process.

Go here to check out Day of X.

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