Periodically I send out a request for blog submissions for blog reviews. This post is partially that, but I thought along with it I’d offer a little incentive and give you a reason to submit your blog for review.

Why Submit Your Blog For Review?

There is a very simple reason to submit your blog for review—exposure. Actually, I am sure there are a lot more submitcomplex reasons to submit as well, but Sean is the Internet Marketing expert, so you might check out one of his blogs to learn the finer points of staking ground through blog reviews :).

When you submit your blog for review, you give it additional placement potential. It will be seen by all of our readers here, and be more “searchable” from a search engine perspective, because it gives the opportunity to be listed on multiple sites with links back to you. We put a lot of effort into building that searchability, too, by tagging and linking and keywording your blog’s name and general topic. Not only that, but that traffic comes to you knowing what you deliver and with an outside recommendation. As you can see, we also offer features like the “Digg” button so that your site review and subsequent links have the potential to be found across social networking sites as well.

How Can You Submit?

Submitting is easy. You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain. Just leave us a comment on any post, or right here, right now, with a link to your blog—and more than likely, we’ll be seeing you very soon!

Mary Ward
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