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Be Your Own Detective

Everyone knows that most of the information you want is available online, right? So why is it so hard to find certain people, family, friends, and information you need? Maybe it’s because the average person doesn’t know where to look. Barry Dunn does know, though. With more than 20 years’ experience in police work and investigations, and a resume that includes work as an online investigator/researcher and work as an international police advisor, Barry knows more than most about how to find the people, places, and information you need.

Be Your Own Detective – Why You Should Go

The name says it all. Go to Barry’s Be Your Own Detective Blog to find the resources and tools that give you access to people and information. Barry offers regular posts with pearls of wisdom, gained from experience, to help you locate long lost friends and family, classmates, and information about criminals and offenders living and working with or near you. With his background in law enforcement, Barry can also offer some advice about the right and wrong and responsible uses of his information and resources (although, understandably, he does have to draw a line and enter a disclaimer for his own protection).

In addition to informational posts Barry also has links to his Squidoo Lens, useful sites, and his own articles and a directory of free public search resources that he compiled himself. All that, and Barry still finds time for interesting stories from the trade and for a few blonde jokes, too.

Summing Up Be Your Own Detective

We know most of the information we want is out there, but finding it is another matter entirely. We have all seen myriad “resources” which promise to perform, but it’s tough to know what to trust and what not to, what to pay for and what paid services to trust. Be Your Own Detective helps to sort all of that out. With Barry’s help, now we little people have the right tools to reconnect and protect our own personal interests, thanks to an investigator with the generosity to share his time and knowledge.

Go here to check out Be Your Own Detective.

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