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Road To Independence

Being that this is the weekend when we Americans celebrate our independence, I thought it appropriately to stick with that theme. There were plenty of radical blogs I could have chosen from, but Mike Patton‘s Road to Independence seemed a much better choice.

Road To Independence – Why You Should Go

Patton’s Road to Independence blog is in some ways a dual-purpose blog. It started as a chronicle of his journey to independence when he chose to become an independent investment advisor. Much of the blog is specifically about that experience. To that end, there is lots to be learned here about building a business successfully and making it your own; you can learn from both Mike’s successes and hurdles.

The other purpose is in delivering investment news and advice. The independent investor will find much of interest in the way of commentary and investment news as well.

Summing Up Road To Independence

Mike Patton’s blog is both informational and inspirational. There is much to be gleaned from Mike’s experience as you build your own Road to more independent living.

Go here to check out Road to Independence.

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An Experience In Getting Rich Slowly

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Get Rich Slowly

Rather than tell you what you will learn when you visit J.D. Roth‘s award-winning Get Rich Slowly blog, let’s start with what you won’t see.

Get Rich Slowly does not offer

• Get rich quick schemes (guess we shouldn’t be surprised)
• MLM fads
• ‘Hot’ stock tips
• Pitches for products or books (save for the occasional or timely reference to something real J.D. has used)

In the place of all this that isn’t there, J.D. offers “daily information about personal finance and related topics.”

Why? So that readers can find their way through the maze of debt to wealth as J.D. himself has done.

Get Rich Slowly – Why You Should Go

First off, it’s an award-winning blog as I mentioned; but not just one of those graphics trophies that circle the blogosphere, real designation by Money magazine as the “Most Inspiring Money Blog.” That’s something worth bragging about.
Beyond the bragging, though, there is a real blog full of real useful, educational posts dealing with everything related to “sensible personal finance.” And this isn’t theory—it’s tips, tricks, insight, and information that J.D. learned on his way out of $35,000 of debt: “I share stories about debt elimination, saving money, and practical investing. I also post occasional reviews of books, magazines, and software. And, of course, I scour the web for the latest personal finance tools and articles.”
The blog grew out of J.D.’s attempts at remedying his money problems, wherein he learned a crucial fact—there are no fast fixes to big money problems, but there are gradual ones, and “almost anyone can get rich slowly.”

Summing Up Get Rich Slowly

J.D. is quick to tell you that he is not a finance professional. He is a regular guy with regular money problems, looking for a better way, which he found. Since 2006 he has been generous enough to share what he’s learned with those in need, and thus we have this top-notch resource. Read J.D. Roth’s blog for financial inspiration and insight, and proof if you need it, that financial freedom is a real possibility.

Go here to check out Get Rich Slowly.

Mary Ward
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Managing Personal Finance

Managing Personal Finance is an easily understood blog about, not surprisingly, topics of personal finance. It is a resource for the average person through which can be gained a better understanding of many topics important to personal financial management.

Absent of an ‘About’ page, it is not entirely clear who the actual ‘owner’ of the blog is, although contact information for ‘Devray1‘ is given. This is of little consequence as the posts appear thoughtful, informed, and well thought-out, but nevertheless, if you like to get to know your author first, you might be minorly frustrated. On the other hand, this lack of pre-information lets you focus more on the content and allows you to take it for its international appeal without any predetermined opinions.

Managing Personal Finance – Why You Should Go

Personal finance is a topic many individuals and homes deal with. Many of us come into life unprepared for the task of managing our incomes and laying a solid foundation of finance for our homes, our families, and our lives. The author and contributors to this blog (listed as Anirudhi and Kinkini) seem to have a deep understanding of this, and work to bring a variety of personal finance topics to light, breaking them down in small, digestible pieces and explaining them in understandable ways.

The ‘Categories’ list is a good example of the topics and posts that you can read about on this blog:

• Banking
• Credit Cards
• Economy
• Home
‚Ä¢ Insurance (including children’s insurance plans)
• Investment
• Marketing
• Review

Summing Up Managing Personal Finance

Many people continue to face personal finance issues as adults, and without understandable resources to clarify and guide them, they will continue to on into the future; in many cases the ignorance will be passed on to following generations. Blogs like Managing Personal Finance offer a very good, and little time-consuming way to understand personal finance better and to start on the road to personal finance recovery.

Go and check out Managing Personal Finance for yourself.

Sean Rasmussen
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