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Irene Watson

“Our pretentious lives can’t go any further until we face our own past. Change is possible. Healing is possible. Growth and forgiveness are possible. It is never too late to re-write your life script – the script that has been passed down for generations. It is never too late to change your life, never too late to heal.”
These are the words of introduction provided by Irene Watson on her self-titled blog. And what powerful words they are. In a few short sentences she has both identified the problem and proposed a world of possibilities to solve them, empowering all of her readers at all stages of life to seek the change that they know will make them truly happy and fulfilled.

Irene Watson – Why You Should Go

Irene’s words are powerful because they make the best living possible for anyone, no matter your upbringing or past. Irene speaks very much from experience, experience—and subsequent consequences and results– that has now been incorporated into the lessons of her newest book, The Sitting Swing: Finding Wisdom To Know The Difference (which has been reviewed on her blog by her readers, with more information available on her official website. She says that as an “author, entrepreneur, and therapist, her life has taken her on many paths, with breakthrough results and exemplar growth, to find her authentic and true self.”

Summing Up Irene Watson

Irene Watson uses her blog to share her insight and work to bring the same level of growth and authentic realization of self to her readers. This is a place of personal exploration that also looks at the effects of the larger world around you and the role that they play in re-writing your life to its optimal level of living.

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