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Irish Mammy On The Run

Irish Mammy is a returned Irish expat now home to enjoy her home country of Ireland and raise her two young children…and hopefully make the country a better place for them while she’s there.

Irish Mammy On The Run – Why You Should Go

Irish Mammy On The Run is foremost a parenting blog. ‘Mammy’ had lived for 8 years abroad in Europe, where she met her love, got married, and had her first child. It was then that she decided to return to the home country to raise her kids (the second being welcomed in June 2009), which has proven a bit of a struggle in a nation that is experiencing serious economic difficulties.

Additionally, what Mammy found upon arrival back in Ireland is that it ranks quite low (near the bottom of 22 countries) in terms of benefits for children, which makes managing the costs of childcare and healthcare a serious burden for the average Irish family. This bred a strong urge to get involved and fight for her kids and their rights, and the blog is in large part dedicated to this cause. Mammy speaks intelligently on the subject, with the facts and figures to back her, and supports petitioning and causes to fund children’s benefits in Ireland.

Summing Up Irish Mammy On The Run

Irish Mammy is running a little less these days, but is no less busy. Her blog is a great one if you are looking to connect with fellow concerned parents around the world, and a definite destination for those in Ireland working for political change for children and families.

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