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Backwoods Essentials

Backwoods Essentials is the work of J.S. Crews, an American living a simpler, “backwoods” lifestyle. Although this may seem like a new concept, it really is not. There is a fairly large population of people choosing this sort of (usually) “off the grid” lifestyle all across the world, and Crews is one helping them do it.

Backwoods Essentials – Why You Should Go

Crews’ blog, which is an accompaniment in part to his Backwoods Essentials storefront, is a collection of news, information and tutorials for backwoods and survival living. Although it caters largely to that “backwoods” crowd, it also caters to the more general populations of outdoor enthusiasts, campers, and even urbanites who are looking to become a little more self-sufficient and prepared. The blog is described as

“A blog to discuss life on a rural homestead; including gardening, long term food storage, alternate energy, emergency preparedness, survivalist and self-sufficiency topics.”

As such, it has information available for a wide variety of uses, and offers up useful knowledge that can be applied regardless of where you live.

Summing Up Backwoods Essentials

With life gone crazy, some people are finding refuge in getting back to the basics and simplifying life a little more; others are simply being better prepared in a world that at times can be very unpredictable. No matter what your intention, finding out how to achieve that goal will be a lot easier with Crews and his many resources.

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