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Con Man’s Blog

Jack Payne, author of the Con Man’s Blog, is not new to writing—he’s been authoring business books for more than 25 years. To date, he has 55 in print in various formats, with over 1.1 million copies sold and the right to claim best-selling author status. That’s a heck of a resume for the average blogger.

Con Man’s Blog – Why You Should Go

All that business writing experience has led Jack Payne to retirement and back, and now he shares the darker side of business in his blog, which is also in part a serial version of a portion of his new book, a legal thriller novel called Six Hours Past Thursday. He describes the motivation behind the novel and the resulting blog as this:

“I came out of retirement to write my first novel, Six Hours Past Thursday, for a specific reason. During my long business writing career I observed just about every scam, con game, and type of fraud known. Just had to write about it.

To warn others.”

The blog that Jack has built is largely a consumer-beware site in which Jack continues to reveal and explain con after con, how to avoid them, and how each works. His narrative style makes these easy and interesting reads, revealing a true novel author behind the blog.

Summing Up Con Man’s Blog

Jack Payne’s Con Man’s Blog is a whole lot of things rolled into one; it’s a consumer protection site, an informative niche blog, and an entertaining online thriller, hosted in one easy location with new stories to tell by the day.

Go here to check out Con Man’s Blog.

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