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Uncovering The Internet

The Internet certainly is a big place. Just thinking about the sheer volume of blogs that are on it is proof enough, but then consider all the other various online media—websites, social media sites, email and services—and you start to realize just how vast it is. There is always something new to see on the net, and Jason Bean is working to bring you some of the best of it.

Uncovering The Internet – Why You Should Go

Jason’s blog is simple, entertaining, informative, and fun. Jason is making his way around the vast World Wide Web and uncovering unique and interesting (and sometimes unsettling) websites, then offering up brief reviews. Along the way he stops to review new products and services that make our surfing life easier or more fun. Sites and services are reviewed in a variety of categories with the intention being to showcase the good stuff as well as the lesser-known sites that can be of use to you. Jason offers a balanced review of sites and services, their benefits and flaws.

Summing Up Uncovering The Internet

In short Jason Bean’s blog is highlighting the pros and cons of the internet through his website reviews. Let Jason do the surfing for you and you’ll find a variety of new and entertaining sites and web services.

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