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Just Your Average Joggler

Joggling may not be an “average” or mainstream sport, but for this blogger it’s all part of a day in the life. An avid fan and participant in the sport, the Average Joggler blog is a well-rounded resource for fellow jogglers, jugglers, runners, and any just plain curious visitors.

Just Your Average Joggler – Why You Should Go

Joggling (the sport that combines running or jogging with juggling) may not be well known to most of us, but it is a very real sport with a number of participants all over the world. Joggler Perry Romanowski is giving a voice to those fans and their sport though his blog as he chronicles his way through marathon after marathon (yes, while juggling—as if running 26 + miles wasn’t hard enough!) and provides real meaningful information for runners, jugglers, and jogglers alike.

Perry’s blog is something of a three-in-one punch. He obviously focuses heavily on the sport of joggling, but also provides some excellent tutorials, joggling videos, articles, and more, specifically for runners, marathon trainers, and jugglers. If you’ve an interest in any of these aspects, you’ll appreciate the wealth of information that is the Average Joggler blog.

Summing Up Just Your Average Joggler

Just Your Average Joggler is certainly not your average blog. It’s a fun blog that will make you smile as you learn…and probably help you take life a little lighter, too (after all, can you frown while you’re juggling?)!

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