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The Clozing

What is The Clozing? The short answer is this: The Clozing is “your real estate water cooler”; but the back story shows it is a whole lot more.

The Clozing – Why You Should Go

The Clozing is the collaborative effort of Joseph Ferrera, Esq. and serial entrepreneur Anthony Barba. The site was developed as “the” place to go for all the collected meaningful news in the field of real estate and business, with the stress placed in the real estate venue. This is a site that scours all of the best of the best of headline news from the world’s most relied upon sources, and then improves upon it.

How can you improve on the world’s best real estate and business news resources? By marrying them to social media and blogging—which is exactly what this blog does. The Clozing adds the backstory and editorial commentary that neutral news sources leave out, expanding and explaining and opening the discussion in real-time.

This is how The Clozing explains its arrival on the scene:

“According to the AP findings, folks get news headlines from many different sources throughout the day. But there is something they don’t get easily, something which is harder to find – the backstory. The backstory is the interpretation of the news– what does this news mean to me?

Journalists, trained to be objective, focus on the facts and leave out, for the most part, the subjective interpretation of those facts – that was left to the editorial department and the letters to the editor. But that left many unsatisfied. The slack was picked up by bloggers who’d grab the news and interpret it for their readers. And rather than sending a letter to the editor, readers could more easily comment to the blogger. This allowed for news stories to be filled in, made richer. Soon social media became the new news kid on the block, providing the missing backstory and expanding the social commentary.”

Summing Up The Clozing

The Clozing brings together all the elements that people want from a real estate and business blog—reliable media sources and information backed by knowledgeable professionals in the field who can help them make sense and bring meaning to what they read. It is the one-stop shop where you can finally have your daily bread and understand it, too.

Go here to check out The Clozing.

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