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Free Birthday Treats Blog

It’s a big day in our household, being the eight anniversary of my eldest daughter’s birth (aka, her 8th Birthday :) ). So what better time for a birthday blog review? And what’s better on your birthday than free fun treats? Nothing but the icing on the cake….

Free Birthday Treats Blog- Why You Should Go

Free Birthday Treats is the work of Julie Northrop, a mom who chose to stay at home after her son was diagnosed with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. Julie didn’t let the diagnosis dampen her spirits, though, and instead put her energy and love of birthdays to good use through the creation of her website and her blog.

Free Birthday Treats is exactly what it sounds to be. It is a blog where Julie posts great freebies, birthday discounts, and giveaways, as well as ways to create unique, quality birthday experiences. The blog also expands a bit into seasonal holidays with more tips, gifts, and freebies for each.

Summing Up Free Birthday Treats Blog

Free Birthday Treats is a great place to go and have fun and get in on the goods and gifts. It’s also an excellent resource for good quality times and for those who need a little help in the gifting and ideas departments. Visit Free Birthday Treats and make every birthday something fun and special.

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