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Keeping The Castle

They say a man’s home is his castle, but the same is true of a woman. Home is the castle, and keeping it comfortably is an art—an art that Karen Weideman excels at, as evidenced in her blog.

Keeping the Castle – Why You Should Go

Keeping the Castle has a little bit of everything for the home. Karen herself is a stay-at-home-parent who also works from home, so has lots of insights into those avenues. Along with that are many ideas and posts about child rearing, cooking, general kid’s activities, party planning, family time and issues, and more. There are posts to help you plan for the day to day and special events, and posts to help you get more enjoyment out of your home and living area. Karen also writes the B5 media’s Thrifty Mommy blog, so some cross over from there is present as well (both Thrifty Mommy and Keeping the Castle are part of the B5 network via their new Blisstree site).

Summing Up Keeping The Castle

Keeping the Castle is a one-stop shop for homemakers of all kinds. While Karen is a stay at home mother, her tips, tricks, and resources are useful and inviting to all and, mother or father, we could all use a few more tips and tricks up our homemaking sleeves.

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