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If Doc KC’s name strikes you as familiar that’s because she’s been mentioned here before. Doc KC, KC Kelly, Ph.D., LMHC, is a regular contributor to Dr. Nicole’s Kitchen Table Medicine blog. When she’s not blogging there or seeing patients in her practice or pursuing myriad other interests (like hockey, singing, or acting‚Äîshe’s a SAG actor, too!), she is busy writing posts on her own blog, DOCintheBiz, a blog dedicated to your emotional health.

DOCintheBiz – Why You Should Go

Doc KC is a trained and licensed mental health expert with a Masters Degree in Psychology and a Doctorate of Philosophy. As she says on her ‘About’ page Doc KC has worked “extensively with children, adolescents, adults, geriatrics, and families with a vast number of diagnoses and in a vast number of settings” giving her the kind of diverse experience that means she really knows what she’s talking about‚Äîand what you’re thinking about! Her abundance of expertise serves as a strong foundation for building relevant, timely, useful posts, all aimed at helping readers learn to think well to feel well and live in true emotional health and happiness.

And her motivating motto? Don’t Just Dream It‚ĶDo It!

Summing Up DOCintheBiz

DOCintheBiz, much like Dr. Nicole’s site, is more than your average Doc’s blog. KC Kelly provides real insight, real advice, and real information for people with a variety of mental health issues; she also writes stimulating posts that provide food for thought for readers who may not be experiencing the topic of the day first-hand. Whatever the subject, this blog is a good one to visit for your daily dose of emotional health; because your good emotional health is the foundation you need to build the rest of your life upon.

Go here to check out DOCintheBiz.

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