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I Can’t Sew

I Cant’s Sew is a site about clothing design. The author is a talented designer, who professes to “not be able to sew”. But, seamstress or not, she does have some wonderful dress ideas. In addition to being a talented designer, she’s a pretty good photographer, too.

I Can’t Sew – Why You Should Go

Fun to read, visually appealing and showing off some really pretty designs, I Can’t Sew will give you some really great design ideas you can use for yourself. She also has some really great drawings and pictures for readers to enjoy.

Summing Up I Can’t Sew

A great site for design ideas and inspiration. The site is also filled with design ideas for stationary, cartoons, invitations and other paper goods. And, if you can sew, you’ll really appreciate her cool dress designs. Many of them you can make very simply.

By the way – the author is interested in learning to sew. Once she learns it will be great to see her pictures of some of her designs finished in three dimensions!

Go here to check out I Can’t Sew.

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