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Legally Unbound

Legally Unbound is a legal blog dedicated to discussing injustices in our justice system. The author challenges legal decisions that don’t make common sense and shows readers cases that suggest that justice isn’t so blind after all. The author, Kael Garvey, is an attorney in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, so many of the posts are related to legal issues in Las Vegas or the state of Nevada. Kael (a pen name) is particularly passionate about the fairness, or lack thereof, in judges, and would like to see Nevada stop choosing judges by popular election.

Legally Unbound – Why You Should Go

Legally Unbound is a great site for those who are scholars of the law, and interested in how our standards of ethics and true adherence to standards of justice have failed. It’s a particularly good blog if you happen to live in Nevada, where many of the cases discussed will be familiar to you.

Summing Up Legally Unbound

Legally Unbound is a great blog about the failures of the justice system and how some of our most powerful citizens have used the system to their personal advantage. Particularly interesting, I imagine, to Nevada residents.

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