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The Travelin’ Librarian

Michael Sauers is one librarian who can see the future of his profession, and is helping to bring information and library sciences to the next level.

The Travelin’ Librarian – Why You Should Go

If you are one who thinks that libraries are an endangered species due to the advent and growth of the Internet, think again. Michael Sauers is showing through his blog that libraries and the science of information access are far from extinct—they’re simply enjoying an evolution of sorts.

Michael has a strong interest both in his profession and in information and technology. He is continually developing new and better ways for people to access quality information, and securing the ever-important role of the library in doing so. His many projects include both online and offline endeavors, as well as education and training for others in his field. His blog is his portal to all of these projects and interests.

Summing Up Travelin’ Librarian

Free access to information is one of the only things that can continue to compel the human race to progress. Michael Sauers is doing his part and much more to make sure that the best of all opportunities available are utilized to that end.

Go here to check out The Travelin’ Librarian.

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