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A View From England

Maureen has made it all the way “From the “Land of 10,000 Lakes” to “England’s green and pleasant land.” That’s quite a lot of travelling and quite a transition for an American expatriate. For 21 years now Maureen has been carving out her life with her family in the beautiful green isles of England, and now shares that experience on her blog, A View From England.

A View From England – Why You Should Go

A View From England is largely a personal blog, with the added angle of being a chronicling of life relocated. Maureen shares the very interesting perspective of being one living a life abroad. That perspective gives her the advantage of seeing Americans and Brits through many different pairs of eyes. Sometimes she defends what she sees and sometimes she laments it, but the experience is one only few could or would share, but one from which so many could learn.

Aside from her life and perceptions, Maureen uses her blog to share her myriad interests, which she describes as “a hodgepodge about various topics as well as musings about life in England. I’m particularly interested in discussions about parenting, education, health, nature and the environment. I’m also very concerned about civil liberties…”

Summing Up A View From England

Maureen is just a regular gal sharing her life and times, but with the interesting twist her life has brought her. Visit Maureen for some chat and globe-trotting friendship.

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