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Mission To Learn

Jeff Cobb is a steadfast advocate of lifelong learning; he is more than just a fan, though, he is practicing what he preaches and delivering the resources to help others do the same.

Mission To Learn – Why You Should Go

The Mission to Learn started with this blog, but has since grown into an even wider set of resources. Today, in addition to the blog, Jeff Cobb and MTL maintain a lifelong learning newsletter as well as podcasts and interviews with interesting, informative people working to expand educational opportunities; and of course, all of these resources lead to even more resources for continued learning.

What Mission to Learn works to do is open the doors to continued learning through the convenience and access of the Internet. It is not actually very heavily focused on learning and education in the traditional sense; rather, it is a library of resources that recognizes learning for what it really is—an essential life function that tends to become formalized and institutionalized, but that does not need to be. This site is a celebration and delivery system for learning in all its many forms and formats, putting the majority of its effort into helping people locate the free and low-cost, but more importantly, accessible and effective tools for lifelong learning.

On the Mission:

Mission to Learn is a destination for lifelong learners. It is for people who want to be more successful in finding and benefiting from online learning experiences.

It is important to say up front that we not necessarily focus on learning in a traditional sense. Learning is not just about courses, or schools, or teachers… Learning happens everywhere, all the time, and the Web has exploded the possibilities for all of us to reach our full potential through learning.

…We see learning as a fundamental life activity—almost on a par with something as essential as breathing—that takes place without our necessarily even being aware. We’re born with a native will to learn, and to a large extent we “just do it” throughout most of our lives. And not just individuals—organizations and societies are systems with an innate capacity for learning.

Summing Up Mission To Learn

Most people know that the web is full of all manner of learning resources, but connecting with them is something of a different story. This site not only helps you make that connection, but delivers loads more in the form of extended learning resources, motivation, and community. The site truly is on a lifelong learning mission, and you are invited to come along.

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