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Positively Present

Sometimes a blog just resonates with you, and for me, this blog did. It’s a blog about positivity and living your best life now. Or, as author Dani puts it, “living happily ever after now”.

Positively Present – Why You Should Go

The fact that this blog resonates so clearly with me after having reviewed so many great blogs about personal development and positivity should really say something. This is a blog worth reading.

It’s a bit tough to put your finger on it, but there is just something different enough about Dani’s approach to positive, present living that makes it so resonant. Maybe it’s her practical, real-world application and lessons learned from life; maybe it’s her dedication not only to positivity, but positivity in the PRESENT…not for some time put off and scheduled in the future; or maybe it’s her sincerity and honesty (I mean, are you willing to admit what a bitch you were in high school?). Whatever it is, it’s working, and it will captivate you, too.

…now, assuming you are still in a quandary as to how this post title fits in, here’s a bit in Dani’s own words…

“Positively Present is Dani, a twenty-something who, after years of living under a dark cloud of woe-is-me, has decided this will be the year she focuses on the positive. This will be the year she lives in the present, turning all of her attention toward making her life more positively aware. Dani is a former Eeyore learning to live positively in the present moment. Working hard to embrace the idea of “living happily ever after now,” Positively Present focuses on all things positive — quotes, books, stories, songs, situations, people, blogs, websites, ideas, images, notions, emotions. Anything and everything positive has a home here.”

Summing Up Positively Present

What more can I say? The energy and sincerity of this blog will turn any Eeyore’s tale into one of positive, good living in the here and now.

Go here to check out Positively Present.

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