DYDI Week In Review, Week Of Jan 11

It’s that time of week once again–time to look back and review the reviews to make sure you didn’t miss a blogging beat!

Do You Digg It Blog Reviews January 11, 2009

  • We started the week with some good eats from Katherine Huether at This Girl Cooks.
  • From there, we entered the animal world and got a behind-the-scenes look at The Life of a Veterinarian, complete with advice, tips, and animal tricks.
  • That led us to a lighter look at animal antics at LOL Cats and Dogs (a surprisingly popular post by the way–stop by to see what all the buzz is about!).
  • We got a little more in touch with the simpler and more natural side of life at Organic. Period…
  • …And were inspired by the True Quotes that make you think.
  • Our week ended with a review of a promising blog Network, Today.com, a place that lays host to some top quality blogs (a few from this week’s list) and offers an array of opportunities for bloggers new and old.

So ends our week of blog reviews.  Come back as we begin another week anew, with more great blogs to find.

Don’t forget we’re always looking out for more blogs to add to our ranks.  Leave a comment with all your suggestions for your blog favorites and places to see.

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LOL The Lighter Side

Where to Find LOL Cats/Dogs:
Blog URL: http://icanhascheezburger.com


Category: Animals

LOL Cats & LOL Dogs

The most recent place these blogs were linked from was on the Life of a Veterinarian site. But LOL Cats—known as the I Can Has Cheezburger blog—is one that is run into time and again across the internet. Both this and the dog version of the blog—I Has a Hotdog—are places to put on your list when it’s time for life on the lighter side.

LOL Cats & LOL Dogs – Why You Should Go

It seems inevitable that these blogs would be reviewed given as many times as I’ve come across them on blogrolls all over the net. They’ve been linked to from blogs from serious to silly, seemingly for a bit of comic relief.

The blog itself is simple. It’s a place to have a little fun and enjoy entertaining photos of animals. It all started with one famous cat in a picture captioned, I Can has Cheezburger? – the caption that was to become the address and name of the blog, and the beginning of an LOL empire. The blog grew to be a place where visitors could caption existing photos or upload their own for the community to share. And share it does, with captions and comments numbering over 100 on the average animal pic.

Summing Up LOL Cats & Dogs

There’s not a lot serious about the LOL animals sites, which is likely why they’ve grown to such popularity. If you haven’t been there yet, allow yourself a few minutes to play around with these pets and add your creative captions to the mix.

Go here to check out LOL Cats and LOL Dogs.

Mary Ward
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