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American girl Krista is in London (well, last we checked in Amsterdam, but she’ll be back in London soon!), a city she loves as much as she loves food. The problem for Krista is she doesn’t like to cook it. Actually that hasn’t turned out to be much of a problem for Krista at all, and has been a definite advantage to the rest of us.

Londonelicious – Why You Should Go

Krista‘s lack of cooking inclination is a definite benefit to us because her alternative is to eat out much of the time. And that means that she is exploring some of the best eateries along the way. And since she blogs about all her experiences, we get to read about them.

Krista’s eatery adventures started out in the U.S., but when she started criss-crossing the globe to work, she took her show on the road. Now, Krista resides in London where she is seeking out the best “off-the-beaten-path” places, and ranking each with a witty and insightful, honest review.

“My goal in creating this blog is to motivate myself to explore London, eat in restaurants that normal people eat in, and give myself something to do in my spare time. Oh yes, and to reassure my parents that I am still alive.”

Summing Up Londonelicious

Krista’s blog is turning out to be an excellent resource for those travelling within the same circles. While the blog primarily focuses on eats and treats in and around London, there are posts from other cities and locations that Krista visits, too. Most definitely, if you plan to be in London, you’ll want to check put this blog to find the best and less well-known places. Even if you’re not planning a skip Londonside, you’ll appreciate just learning about the experience abroad, and all the potential meets and eats along the way.

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